As business turnaround consultants, we can provide a variety of options to help you either close your company or turn it around, save it and any combination in between. Whatever we do, we will put your interests at the core of our focus.


Turning Your Business Around


Directors often know what is wrong but simply do not know what to do to put matters right. Usually, you are too close to the problem and you need an informed and objective opinion. If you believe your company is producing sufficient sales and is viable but still losing money then we may be able to help. The sooner we are contacted the sooner we can help you turn your loss making company into a profitable one. Call us now to speak with someone who can help.


Company Voluntary Arrangement


If your company is laden with historic debt but the core of the business is profitable with a healthy cash-flow then a company voluntary arrangement may be for you. We can often stop creditors’ legal action if we are contacted soon enough which may allow us sufficient time to turn your company fortunes around and continue to trade. We have helped many directors thrive when they thought it was impossible. To see if we can save your company call now to speak to a specialist.


Company Administration


If your company is under attack by litigation from angry creditors but the company may have a future if given time, then administration may be the best course of action. A director can initiate the company administration process which can be a very powerful tool to stop legal action such as a winding up petition. If you need more time and you need to stop creditors fast then call us now to speak to an administration specialist.


Pre-Pack Administration


A pre-pack administration can be extremely useful if the heart of the business is profitable but under serious threat from debts. The company must have an independent value of its assets for the benefit of creditors but the business and its assets can be sold often to the same directors closing the debt ridden company. We can arrange a pre-pack administration which assists continuity for employees and customers and can rescue a hitherto a ‘zombie’ company. If you think you need help arrange a pre-pack administration then call us to find out more.

Company Rescue Tool
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Start Taking Control of Your Business Debts Before They Take Control of You!



Taking that first step in calling us is often the hardest. Once you know your options, you will have a clear direction of what needs to be done to save your business. Get in touch to find out how we can help save your limited company today.


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Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation


A limited company is s legal entity in its own right so the debts belong to the company and not the directors personally, unless personal guarantees have been signed. A creditors’ voluntary liquidation enables the directors to initiate the voluntary liquidation process which is often viewed as a more responsible route than a forced liquidation.


If everything else has failed and you can see no way forward then it is likely as a director of a company, you will need professional insolvency help. Briefly, a creditors’ voluntary liquidation allows the director to initiate the process which will effectively close the limited company. Should the company be burdened with debt and even if there is legal action taking place against the company you can still initiate the liquidation, although this is more reason why you may need help or advice.


As the debts belong to the limited company and not the directors personally once the company is liquidated the debts are liquidated too. There should be no impact on the directors’ personal credit rating and the only potential risk is if personal guarantees have been signed as these can be pursued separately by creditors.



Stop a Winding up Petition


If you have been presented with a winding up petition then you must act quickly if you want to continue to trade. Unfortunately, the majority of directors fail to act quickly enough, or simply do not realise a winding up petition can be stopped in the majority of cases. HMRC are the largest issuer of winding up petitions in the UK and they use this method as the best means of recovering unpaid taxes. Call now to speak with one of our specialist consultants.


Personal Guarantees


About 80% of directors have issues with personal guarantees at some point in their career whether you are having sleepless nights when sales drop, or whether you are considering liquidation; no matter what the problem is we can usually help when it comes to large personal guarantees.


Creditors’ Negotiations


It can be a real nightmare when your key supplier becomes a key creditor through no fault of your own. Whether the cause is a large client simply paying slowly or worse, refusing to pay; the bottom line is that the pressure is on you as the director. You may well have lost the trust of the suppliers and creditors, whatever the reason we can often provide an independent assessment of the situation. In the majority of cases we can negotiate with the creditors, allowing you to focus on what you are good at. Call now to speak with someone who can help.

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