What you should do if you find squirrels living in your attic

Squirrel infestations can be a common problem if your house has a designated roof space or attic. If some squirrels make a home for themselves in your attic, you shouldn’t panic, but rather try tackling back with a better, more organized approach. The best way to get these furry little critters out of your attic, is widely debated upon by homeowners.

But, most of them usually go for textbook methods, which may or may not be effective –depending on how you implement them. To save you from the hassle of getting into all the debates as to which method is the most effective and provides satisfactory results, below compiled is a list of the best preventive measures you can take to get rid of the squirrels in your attic:

Seal off all the openings:

  • Make sure you cover up all the gaps and openings adequately, leave some room for drains and ventilation. Focus on the holes which you think are big enough for a squirrel to fit through.
  • Use a wire mesh or chimney cap to cover your chimney, these provide the appropriate amount of ventilation needed.
  • Patch up all vents and holes leading to the attic.
  • Secure the space between the attic and your house, to ensure that a squirrel doesn’t make its way to the rest of your house.

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Use a repellent:

There is a number of ways you could go about repelling the naughty squirrels out from your attic.

  • Rodents generally don’t tend to fare well to ultrasonic waves, so you could make use of that by bumping some music inside the attic. Sound can scare off squirrels pretty easily.
  • Use your lights to scare off squirrels. Leave the attic light on for a while, and if that doesn’t work you should try installing some flashing lights inside the attic. These lights prove to be very effective for similar situations. Bright lights may alarm a squirrel which will cause it to run far away from your attic.
  • Try using a commercial squirrel repellent if all else fails, use a repellent which is made specifically for the purpose of repelling squirrels. Spray the infested area with the squirrel repellent and then wait for it to start working. If everything goes as planned, the squirrels will leave your attic, never to return again.
  • An alternative to commercial repellents are improvised repellents such as strategically placed rags soaked with ammonia, or mothballs. Both are very effective.

Trap them:

Sometimes the best way to get rid of squirrels is by doing it yourself.

  • Use a properly sized cage trap for the job. Place the trap in strategic locations across your attic.
  • Use a proper bait; nuts, crackers, and fruits can be very appealing to squirrels. Put them inside the trap and they’ll come rushing in.
  • Once caught, it is best that you move them far as away from your home as possible and set them free.
  • Keep the traps in place for some time, if by chance you may have missed any squirrels, you’ll get them too. After trapping the additional squirrels, repeat the same process.

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