Take Control of Your Bathroom Remodel By Avoiding These Mistakes

Bathroom remodeling stories are ripe with tales of woe. The two most common complaints are ‘my remodel project took way longer than planned’ and ‘the final cost is much more than what was originally estimated.’ Take control of your project with Bath Simple’s list of avoidable bath remodeling mistakes. Keeping it simple is at the heart of the Bath Simple experience.

18 Common Mistakes

1. Under-estimated the time to select and order all the required products and materials to ensure they would arrive before the construction begins.

2. Started demolition and construction before design was finalized and all products and materials were selected, ordered and had an assured delivery date.

3. Failed to confirm that all items were included in a given product selection for a complete installation. Missing parts delay the job.

4. Did not install wall blocking for current and future grab bars, towel bars and toilet paper fixtures.

5. Added lighting, fan and other electrical fixtures, without realizing that an additional electrical circuit needed to be added to handle the load.

6. Forgot to check existing water supply piping and make provisions to replace galvanized pipe (homes built before 1975).

7. Created new design repositioning plumbing fixtures that required changing the ‘rough-in’ plumbing, while not understanding cost impact.

8. Didn’t create a reserve account for hidden damage such as dry rot and mold in the tub area.

9. Did not verify and confirm tile quantities and associated water-proofing and crack arresting underlayment.

10. Planned a new soaking tub, and forgot to confirm that the existing hot water tank can handle the load.

11. Didn’t ensure adequate access to plumbing to fix future leaks or clogs.

12. Door location and swing hit fixtures, vanity or did not provide adequate clearance.

13. Inadequate toilet clearance side to side and leg room.

14. Poor or inadequate ventilation for moisture and odors. Windows alone are not enough.

15. Built-in vanity unit too close to wall causing drawers and doors to clash with trim, door or fixtures.

16. Inadequate provision for storing linens, medicines, cosmetics, grooming accessories.

17. Failed to realize commonly referred bath tub dimensions provided by manufacture is the overall size, not the interior bathing area dimensions.

18. Failed to check shower door [net] free area dimensions.

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Ways To Grow Maintain And Operate Any Cleaning Service Business

The centerpiece of a successful professional cleaning service business is client satisfaction. When your customers are disappointed or angry, they’re going to boycott your goods and spread negative comments, which will ruin your existing reputation. Ensure the best possible reviews by giving each and every customer quality service. Read on for valuable guidelines on keeping your customers satisfied.

cleaning marketing

Putting together a new cleaning service agency will always be challenging, exciting and a little stressful, regardless of how many times you do it. Make sure you are making the right move by selecting your new industry carefully; learn all you could about the professional cleaning service business environment and the competition you will face. Plan carefully and lay the right groundwork to develop a lucrative cleaning service agency. The resources available on the web are there for your benefit, so don’t hesitate to use them.

Despite where you’re within a professional cleaning service business your public demeanor needs to be positive at all times. It should be a high priority of yours to make every single customer who comes through your door to feel they’re wanted and their happiness is your highest concern. You have to educate your employees on how to interact with customers. When you provide customers with a fabulous experience, they can help your business by telling others.

You may have achieved your professional cleaning service business goals but that doesn’t necessarily indicate you have achieved success. Unless you keep setting and meeting additional goals, your business will stop growing and you’ll be forced to close its doors. Remaining determined and staying up to date with what’s new in your field are two great methods to keep developing your business. Learn more here: http://cleaning-services-chicago.us/  The trends of the market are incredibly vital to follow if you need to succeed in a competitive marketplace.


Choosing the correct option when faced with a critical professional cleaning service business decision is often easier when you conduct a comprehensive risk assessment first. Businesses with strong records of performance are still at risk when owners make irresponsible decisions. Minimizing risk is essential to the proper functioning of your business, so take a far more conservative stance to protect it. You can maintain a profitable business by performing a detailed risk analysis whenever you need to make a significant decision.

Cleaning service business websites are different from personal ones; they need to always have a professional appearance. If you can’t put a great website together by yourself, you have to hire someone who can do a great job for you. Use imagery and attractive templates to make your website attractive. Never underestimate how important online commerce is, and be certain your professional cleaning service business has an internet presence to guarantee success.

What you should do if you find squirrels living in your attic

Squirrel infestations can be a common problem if your house has a designated roof space or attic. If some squirrels make a home for themselves in your attic, you shouldn’t panic, but rather try tackling back with a better, more organized approach. The best way to get these furry little critters out of your attic, is widely debated upon by homeowners.

But, most of them usually go for textbook methods, which may or may not be effective –depending on how you implement them. To save you from the hassle of getting into all the debates as to which method is the most effective and provides satisfactory results, below compiled is a list of the best preventive measures you can take to get rid of the squirrels in your attic:

Seal off all the openings:

  • Make sure you cover up all the gaps and openings adequately, leave some room for drains and ventilation. Focus on the holes which you think are big enough for a squirrel to fit through.
  • Use a wire mesh or chimney cap to cover your chimney, these provide the appropriate amount of ventilation needed.
  • Patch up all vents and holes leading to the attic.
  • Secure the space between the attic and your house, to ensure that a squirrel doesn’t make its way to the rest of your house.

 eandpubb image

Use a repellent:

There is a number of ways you could go about repelling the naughty squirrels out from your attic.

  • Rodents generally don’t tend to fare well to ultrasonic waves, so you could make use of that by bumping some music inside the attic. Sound can scare off squirrels pretty easily.
  • Use your lights to scare off squirrels. Leave the attic light on for a while, and if that doesn’t work you should try installing some flashing lights inside the attic. These lights prove to be very effective for similar situations. Bright lights may alarm a squirrel which will cause it to run far away from your attic.
  • Try using a commercial squirrel repellent if all else fails, use a repellent which is made specifically for the purpose of repelling squirrels. Spray the infested area with the squirrel repellent and then wait for it to start working. If everything goes as planned, the squirrels will leave your attic, never to return again.
  • An alternative to commercial repellents are improvised repellents such as strategically placed rags soaked with ammonia, or mothballs. Both are very effective.

Trap them:

Sometimes the best way to get rid of squirrels is by doing it yourself.

  • Use a properly sized cage trap for the job. Place the trap in strategic locations across your attic.
  • Use a proper bait; nuts, crackers, and fruits can be very appealing to squirrels. Put them inside the trap and they’ll come rushing in.
  • Once caught, it is best that you move them far as away from your home as possible and set them free.
  • Keep the traps in place for some time, if by chance you may have missed any squirrels, you’ll get them too. After trapping the additional squirrels, repeat the same process.

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3 cheap bathroom renovation ideas by eandppub.com

We require our bathrooms to be among the best despite the circumstances hence we are forced to carry out hundreds of renovations so as to make it as we want. We require changing the shower systems, floor tiles, faucets as well as the bath tubs and installing stylish and attractive as possible.

First of all, in bathroom renovation it is very important to be having a list of must have and must desires. This will really help you in budgeting of the required cash to be approximately used. The list will also assist in knowing what other bathroom stuffs need not to be purchased since you have them and can be easily reused and re-fixed. Should include labor cash in your budget unless you are carrying out the renovation by yourself.


Best bathroom remonovation Tips from a renovator in Sydney

Secondly, in bathroom renovation ensure when purchasing a bath tub its length is beyond your height to avoid neck discomforts while in it. While purchasing bathroom stuffs, check thoroughly whether all purchased items are in a good condition i.e. check for cracks, unwanted extrusions and if the items are fully packed. For the toilets, a well elongated bowl and seat is termed to be comfortable. In bathroom renovation, you should always ensure that the order of fixing bathroom stuffs is well followed or else you will have to dig deeper into your pocket to get more cash for buying things you had already purchased. “For example, in bathroom renovation let the floor tiles to be fixed after everything else has been done. If not so, when fixing the toilet and the bath tub they will have to be removed”, says Daren expert for  bathroom renovations in Sydney, Australia.

Thirdly, in bathroom renovation ensure the sink is well positioned i.e. its height makes you comfortable and no straining occurs at all. Install faucets that are chrome coated to avoid rusting of the faucets. If the sink is small in size, then you can install a single mixer faucet. If the space for the sink is big, then you can install a double mixer faucet. Supplement the sink with a well mounted smart framed mirror. To get more Tips read this article

Fourthly, in bathroom renovation ensure you correctly select a durable floor so that it can give you service for long. The bath room renovation floor should be rough so as to ensure no sliding occurs. Ceramics, marble and stone tiles are encouraged in bathroom renovation since they are water resistant floors and durable as well. Hardwood tiled floor would be highly recommended for cold surfaces in bathroom renovation since they offer warmth unlike the ones mentioned above. In bathroom renovation, the walls if they are not to be tiled ensure you select the paint that has the ability to hold moisture. If in bathroom renovation drawers are included, ensure the type of wood used is hardwood since it will withstand the bathroom moisture. Skin care products, hair oil, nail polish, perfumes and sprays can be well put in the drawers. In bathroom renovation the last consideration is lighting. Vertical sconces are mounted either the mirror. Place ample light at the shower, makeup area and the shaving area. Ensure in bathroom renovation dim lights are installed. Finally, ensure you have installed the items you needed for a classy and stylish bathroom.

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5 Kitchen Renovation Ideas That You Can Consider

You can spruce up your kitchen and give it a totally different look by implementing some remodeling activities. Most complaints that call for renovation to the kitchen area are inadequate lighting, cramped space, old cabinets, outdated fixtures and also an improper layout. There are a lot of interesting and appealing renovation ideas that you can consider. Here is a look at some kitchen renovation ideas that you can consider:

If your kitchen cabinets are old, you might want to consider changing them. In case of kitchen cabinets that are made from laminated material, use of oil-based primer can help to bring back their former look.

Choose a small area of the kitchen that can be changed into a storage area. You can use in-built bookshelves for storing glassware or small kitchen utilities. A good way to maximize storage space is through pullout cabinets.

When you want to give an antique or rustic appearance to your kitchen interiors, try installing soapstone. This material has a rich look which is enhanced because of coloring and also because of vein-like features that spread across it. This is a durable, but care has to be taken to maintain it so that it is in proper condition.

Those who have large families or who serve meals with many courses, would need a butler’s pantry. Such a pantry is necessary for stacking dishes, serving wine and also for heating meals. You can opt for the walk-through design or the u-shaped design.


Consider renovating the plumbing section and also the wiring. In older homes this is a necessary part of kitchen renovation as they could have become worn out over the years.

Check if your existing kitchen layout offers space and freedom for movement. It is important to implement the classic work triangle with the sink, stove and refrigerator arranged in this manner.

Having more than one workstation is good as it will enable another person to work more efficiently. You can implement an island kitchen to bring on more convenience to your work space.

Always introduce renovation ideas by keeping in mind size constraints. If your kitchen is a galley kitchen, implementing a center island is not a good option.

If you choose to renovate your kitchen through a contractor, make sure to choose someone who is fully insured and also bonded. Get all the agreements in writing and also check out payment schedules to get full value for the money spent.

However, there are some things one needs to Consider before Kitchen Renovation. They include:

1. Requirements and Analysis:

Analyze the amount of space available to carry out the renovation. Once the space factor is determined, the requirements should be ascertained.

2. Budget Allocation:

The budget allocated for the kitchen renovation should be fixed and one should stick to that plan while selecting and acquiring accessories.

3. Hiring the right professionals:

Remodeling an already built structure is not an easy task and hence, involves some amount of professional help. But before hiring professionals who deal in design and restructuring purposes, their credentials and track record should be checked. These professionals not only provide ideas according to the budget of their clients, they also carry out the entire renovation process.

4. Design and Installation:

A design plan needs to be formulated to expedite the process of kitchen renovation. The installation of cabinets, counter tops and electronic items should be such that don’t take up much space.

5. Fittings, flooring and cabinets:

The type of accessories in the kitchen should be in sync with the space, requirements and the budget allotted for the renovation purpose.


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